Questions to Help You Identify Your Ideal Clients

Have you ever wondered to yourself “Why don’t I have more customers? Why aren’t more people calling or buying? I’ve invested a huge amount of time, money and energy into this business. So why are sales not better than this?”


If this is you, then you are not alone...


Many people don’t know how to identify their ideal clients.


If you don’t know how to find the highest quality, highest-paying clients, then you will always be chasing the next prospect: you will get less than ideal clients, and struggle to get ahead.


To attract and win your ideal clients something different in a way...


The world’s elite entrepreneurs and top leading marketers share this one crucially important thing in common, that determines everything about the success of their businesses.


It’s their complete, in-depth understanding of their ideal target customer - not just an obscure idea of the people they hope to do business with - but their capacity to describe their ideal target customer in the most incredible detail.


And their ability to use that knowledge to intelligently connect and strategically influence their ideal target customers, at a deep and emotional level.


It’s often said that 20% of a business’s clients produce 80% of the profit.


If you run a business, take a close look at your existing customer base. You’ll discover there is a 20% core of people, with similar demographics, values and motivational drivers who:


Are a joy to work with


Generate the largest percentage of your profit, and don’t complain or haggle with you on price


Value your advice, respect you and what you do


Give you repeat business


Eagerly upgrade to your premium products/services


They refer you; are complimentary about you on social media, and become your ambassadors for your business via word of mouth


Now when you compare these ideal customers above, with your less-desirable customers who only buy once, or very occasionally; are always more demanding; make you feel uncomfortable or unnecessarily stressed, you’ll discover that these people don’t share the same profile as your top 20% core group of ideal customers.


Without this insight, your branding, marketing and advertising will be generic and ineffective, with no real targeting or purpose, and certainly no clear message or influence - meaning that you will only attract less than ideal customers who bring you the least profit and most hassle.




How to identify and define the ‘deepest psychology’, ‘dreams and aspirations’ of your top 20%.


Creating an ideal customer avatar (also known as a buyer persona, or customer profile), is prerequisite to massive business success, because it is the crucial understanding you need to acquire, about the ideal person you want most as your customer - who will respond to your messages with the greatest response, and is most likely to buy from you time and time again.



An avatar is not a real specific person; it is a composite of the characteristics that describe your target market.


Once your avatar is in place, you will notice far more clarity, which helps you:


Attract more of your ideal customer, because the wrong type of people won’t be attracted by your message


Influentially use the language your customers use for the greatest effect


Market to and dominate a niche where you become “go-to expert, authority or celebrity”


Avoid burning money on marketing or advertising that no longer works.


Filter out the type of person, you’d don’t want to work with


Increase your customer conversion rate, AND magnetically attract more of the right customers like wildfire


Just imagine what impact that could have on your bottom-line!




Two reasons why companies fail.


Far too many companies fail, because they haven’t completed this crucial first step of creating an avatar.


And secondly, because of their failure to understand, this one simple fact...


People are bombarded by so many similar commodity promotional messages each day, that they now block out the most messages, by tuning in to the ‘what’s in it for me’ mindset.


They don’t really care about what you do... they ONLY care about what you can deliver for them... they don’t buy what you know, they will ONLY buy, what benefit you can give them...


People don’t care about your education or background... they don’t care if you’re the most knowledgeable, or the most experienced... or if you’re the most established person in your market, niche or industry... people ONLY care about how YOU are going to solve THEIR problem and make THEIR life better.


This is a massive advantage for you, because too many entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches and consultants get their marketing completely wrong, by making the big mistake of focusing on how great their brand, product and service is - instead of focusing what their ideal target customers want and feel.


How you make your customers ‘feel’ must drive every single marketing decision in your company - your entire brand, marketing and advertising, should be built around your ideal target customer’s deepest psychology, dreams and aspirations. Why?


Because when you reach the right customers with the right influential messages you will create exponential profitable sales.




Best practices for building an ideal customer avatar.


If you try to sell to everyone, you will sell to no-one. So, it is crucially important to understand that your customer avatar MUST always be an individual - NOT a group of people and you must always communicate to your ideal customer in the first person.


We all crave to be understood and your ideal target customer is no different. Your potential customers are seeking solutions to their problems for emotional reasons.


When you research and immerse yourself in the character of your ideal customer avatar - when you understand their feelings, emotions, motivating beliefs, pain points, fears, goals, wishes, dreams and desires - not just what they want - but more importantly WHY!


When you start to influentially communicate to THEIR WHY with the right messages - they will be captivated with a mesmerising and deeply persuasive emotional connection, that builds trust and is almost hypnotic!


And that makes your customer avatar the most incredibly valuable brand and marketing tool for your business!


You’ll get your best answers by researching and interviewing current customers in one-to-one meetings in person, or telephone interviews, Skype, GoToMeeting, JoinMe, or other web-based conferencing tools.


The following steps and questions are vital if you want to sell anything - they will help you focus ALL of your attention on attracting the right customers; help you understand what makes them tick; what they want and what really influences their buying decisions.


Choose the most relevant options from the sample questions below. When you’ve completed the questions you will know exactly how to shape your branding and marketing to best fit, influence and magnetically attract your ideal customer.


Step One:

Imagine your ideal customers. Think of what they all have in common - list every common trait, both demographic (gender, age, income, marital status, profession, family, etc ) and psychographic (personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles).


Step Two:

Discover the remaining steps in my book.

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