How to Increase Perceived Value

The perception of your company is a crucially important influencing factor, that shapes the confidence, trust, and purchasing decisions of your prospective clients - research shows that 93% of purchases are made on visual impressions.


You can increase the perceived value of your company or product, without increasing its objective value, by simply improving positioning and perception.




How do you want to be perceived?



Do you want to differentiate from your competition as the best choice?


Increase market confidence in your company?


Want to build credibility, strengthen recognition, or communicate your company’s expertise and character?


Reframing positioning and perception is a powerful way to increase perceived value, and drive-up sales for your company or brand.


One of the fastest ways to reframe, shape and increase the expectations of your company’s level of expertise, is through the credibility and professionalism of your company’s logo, or visual brand identity.


A prospective clients first impression of your company is often your logo - and first impressions really do matter, especially to bottom-line of your company. A professionally designed logo has been proven to be a key element in the boosting of sales, and increase profits - whereas badly designed logos, or amateurish ones that look irrelevant, can hurt your business and cost you a fortune, in lost sales, lost projects and lost profits.


Your company’s logo can be a powerful persuasion factor, that intuitively influences credibility, confidence, trust, and a sense of security at a visceral level - research shows that a company’s logo leads to brand recognition, and can evoke positive feelings of brand superiority, whether or not prospects are familiar with your company.


A company’s logo is its most distinctive asset - research shows that the most memorable logos are:


• More likely to get the attention of a prospective client


• More likely to make a prospective client want to learn more about a company


• More likely to suggest that a company is more professional than others in its market





80% of people say that colour increases recognition



Colour is a great persuasive device and a powerful communication tool, that you can use to differentiate, influence and improve sales.


A researcher at the University of Missouri found that the psychology of colour used in a company's logo has a significant impact on how that logo, and the brand as a whole, is perceived.


The secret is knowing which colours, shades and shapes convey a company’s nature, and then using those basic elements to design an influential logo.



For example:


Red is a power colour. Often associated with strength, passion, energy, vitality and power.


Blue is widely used to suggest integrity, loyalty, dignity, trust and security often seen with banks and corporate businesses.


Initials logos are used to imply companies who are the forefront of their industry or market.


Geometric logos are used to signify companies who are more powerful, innovative, trustworthy and stronger.


Logos with straight lines or precise shapes also subtly indicate the strength, efficiency and professionalism of a company.


For more information read The Colour Of Persuasion.

If you would like to discover more about the long term benefits, of increasing the perceived value, get in touch.

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